Colors: In the upcoming episode of Tantra serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where new entry Saudamini (Sameksha Singh) will kidnap Askhat as well as Niyati's friend.

We will Saudamini will kidnap Niyati's friend as well as she will hypnotize Akshat with her Tantra-Mantras.

Niyati is worried and helpless after knowing that Akshat and her friend is kidnapped.

Inspector Rathod to save Akshat from Saudamini

Later on we will see Insp. Bharat Rathod and Niyati will reach a place where Akshat is hynotized and kidnapped.

Niyati-Bharat will see that Akshat is tied with rope and surrounded by goons.

Then Bharat will fight with goons and rescue Akshat from goons.

It will be intereting to see what will happen next in Tantra.

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