Colors: In the upcoming episode of Sitara serial, viewers will see that Sitara to fall in a coffin, well planned kidnapping by Samrat.

So far we have seen that Rajguru requests Sitara to draw her mother picture, where in turns she will draw Vrinda's eyes.

Rajguru gets shocked seeing Vrinda's eyes, on the other hand Sitara is also confused as she is not able to draw her mother's picture.

Here Vrinda will feel that Sitara will fall in some serious trouble.

Later on we will see Sitara will be searching for Chanda in jungle where due do giant rock Sitara will fall in a coffin.

Sitara's kidnapping trap by Samrat, saved by Viraj

This is just a trap to kidnap Sitara and it is planned by none another than Samrat, just to keep Sitara away from Chanda's truth.

Somebody will cover coffin and gathers villagers by saying he has kidnapped a Vishkanya in this coffin.

Thenafter a priest will say spiritual mantras and will about to bury this coffin.

Here Kunvar Viraj will come at right time and save Sitara from the coffin.

It would be interesting to see coming episodes of Sitara Serial.

Vish Ya Amrit Sitara Precap

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