Colors: In the upcoming episode of Sitara serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where a poisonous snake bites Sitara when she was saving Viraj.

As we know that Sitara decided to save Viraj from each and every problems and attacks.

Now we will see a poisonous snake will found on Viraj where he is sleeping, he wakes up and gets shocked seeing snake on his body.

Sitara will make entry and captures snake and saves Viraj from attacking him.

While saving snake bites Sitara, Viraj and family gets shocked seeing Sitaara is bites by a snake.

Viraj calls doctor, Sitara's father makes entry

Thus Viraj calls doctor for Sitara's treatment where doctor informs Viraj and family that Sitara is fit-n-fine.

As well as there is no snake bite mark on Sitara's hand, everybody gets stunned hearing this.

We will see that somebody is trying to expose Sitara's real identity that she is Vishkanya and not a normal girl.

Here Sitara's father notice this and comes with a snake and will say that this snake is not poisonous that's why there is no mark on Sitara's hand.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Viraj and family will digest this fake declaration or not.

Stay tuned for more updates of Sitara serial.

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