Sony TV: In the upcoming story of Patiala Babes serial, viewers will see enthralling twist where Hanuman singh request Babita to sign Alimony Papers.

So far we have seen that Babita and Minni are struggling as they have no money to live their life.

Where Minni recalls that her grandfather kept an FD for her higher education, thus she decides to break that FD and use that money.

Minni visits her house to meet grandfather for money from FD, she gets shattered as Daddu asks Minni that he want to break FD as he need money for monthly expenses.

Hanuman ask Babita to take compensation from Ashok by signing Alimony Papers

Thus Hanuman request Babita to sign Alimony Papers as she and Minni deserves compensation from Ashok against the divorce.

Where Babita denies to sign this papers as she don't want any compensation from Ashok.

Minni also support her mother's decision as her mother never beg love from Ashok then now why she will beg money from him.

Now it would be interesting to see what will happen next when Daddu will get to know Babita-Minni's situation.

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