In the upcoming track of Patiala Babes serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Babita got her first job in a garment making company, Minnie is happy about this.

So far we have seen that Babita faced her first interview but failed to get that job.

Babita and Minnie is so tensed as they don't have money to live and fulfil basic needs of their life.

Later on we will see Minnie will sell her scooter which was gifted by her grandfather, Babita will scold Minnie for this but at the same time she will feel proud of her daughter.

Minnie happy as her mother got her first job

Babita is trying her best to grab her first job and luckily she will get her first job in garment making company.

On first day of job, Babita will feel insecure as in that firm she is the only lady working and remaining all other are gents.

Now it would be interesting to see how Babita will sustain in company and what other things she will have to face.

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