Sony TV: In the upcoming episode of Patiala Babes serial, viewers will see some interesting twist as Ashok gives divorce papers to Babita, Minni plays dhol.

So far we have seen that Minni and Babita had somehow started new life and to stay away from Ashok and Meeta.

They are struggling to live in Inspector Hanuman's society as society members decided to throw Minni-Babita from the society.

As per new promo, everything will be seen sorted out between Minni, Babita and all members of the society, they are celebrating Lohri festival.

Ashok gives divorce papers to Babita

Ashok don't like his daughter living with Hanuman singh and is furious seeing Babita-Hanuman together.

Everybody is celebrating lohri festival where Ashok comes there and gives divorce papers to Babita saying you can live your own life.

Babita shocked seeing divorce papers, where Minni plays dhol and request Babita to sign this papers and free herself from this dead relationship.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Babita will also divorce papers or not.

Watch Patiala Babes New Promo 10 January 2019

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