One Liner Updates 11 February 2019 of Gathbandhan, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, Sitara, Kesari Nandan serial.

Gathbandhan 11 February 2019 Updates

In the coming episode we will see Dhanak rushes to terrace to save Raghu's mother Savitri devi who is hanging from roof. Raghu is also rushes towards terrace but get shocked as Dhanak pokes Mai hand with hair pin. But behind this there is something which will save Mai.

Sitara 11 February 2019 Updates

In the coming track of Sitara serial we will see Sitara got his real identity of Vishkanya as well as she will meet and recognize Vrinda as her mother. She also decides to take revenge from the royal family. Sitara also vows that she will not forgive anyone.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 11 February 2019 Updates

We saw that Happy is not ready to marry with Chintu where her mother Sandhya forces her to get married with Chintu. Now we will see that Sandhya will threaten Happy that they will commit sucide if she will not marry with Chintu. Happy forcefully gets ready to marry with Chintu for sake of her Mother and Smiley's happiness.

Kesari Nandan 11 February 2019 Updates

So far we have seen that Kesari comes to training as she wants to win a medal. Later we will see that Hanumant singh will find Kesari in training ground where she shouts on Kesari and Madhavi for this. Hanumant singh thus decides to punish both and orders her wife and Kesari to leave the house.

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