In the upcoming story of Nazar, viewers will see an interesting track where Piya takes Kali Maa avatar to fight with Daayan Mohana and all the evil powers, 6 years of leap in the storyline (Ansh, Piya, Aditya and Pari).

So far we have seen that Piya's mother started a war against the evil where Daayan Mohana, Dola comes up with a team of zombies.

Mohana has attacks Ansh to start this war and Ansh requests Piya to fight this war and complete it.

Devik Piya takes the sword and starts killing zombies and in between with the help of magical stone (Trinetra Mani) she takes Kaali Maa avtar.

Mohana and everybody get shocked and frightened by seeing Piya in this avatar.

Piya kills all the evil powers, 6 Years leap in the storyline

Kaali Maa starts killing everybody with her magical powers and ends this maha yudh.

Later on Ansh-Piya will decide to saacrifice their magical powers to give better future to their son Aditya.

But as we know Mohana is always one step ahead where she will get escape from that war post Piya's deadly attack.

We will also see 6 years leap in the storyline and then after will see Ansh-Piya with their kids; son Aditya and daughter Pari who will help them to fight against Mohana.

Now it would be interesting to see how Mohana will create her new team to kill Ansh and family.

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