In the upcoming track of Nazar serial viewers will see some interesting twist where Piya becomes Daayan, Vedashri's plan get successful.

So far we have seen that Vedashri becomes Ekayan (Daayan) and she also had planned to convert Piya from Devik to Daayan.

Hence Vedashree create a trap for Piya where Piya is not aware with Vedashree's hidden intention.

Ansh and family is also unaware that Vedashree is converted into a daayan.

Piya becomes Daayan, Vedashree is happy

So to execute her plan, Vedashree brings a witch braid and fix it in Piya's hair. This makes Piya a daayan.

On the other hand, Ansh and family will also get shocked seeing Vedashree and Piya in daayan avatar.

Ansh will also try to explain Vedashree that she is a good lady who is fighting against daayans and bad powers.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Piya is really converted into a daayan leaving her devik powers or not.

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