Star Plus: In the upcoming story of Nazar serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where  Piya-Ansh make fool of Daayan Mohana. Mohana kills Sarp instead of Ansh.

So far we have seen that Daayan Mohana is looking to regain her life by eating Ansh on a full moon day.

Today we will see Mohana will comes to Rathore house to take Ansh's life where Ansh's uncle will shot her, Mohana will be safe as she is a Daayan.

Later we will see Mohana will make a deal with Sarp that he will handover Ansh to her.

Mohana to eat Sarp not Ansh

To spoil this deal Ansh-Piya will make a plan to fool Mohana where Ansh attacks Sarp and he will act as Sarp.

Thenafter Ansh will take Sarp and Piya to Mohana acting as he is Sarp and the person who is unconscious is Ansh.

Mohana gets happy seeing her life line Ansh and starts eating his life.

In the end she will notice that he is not Ansh but a Sarp.

Mohana gets shocked hearing truth. Vedashree and family comes there where Mohana begs Vedashree to save her.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Vedashree will save Mohana or not.

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