In the upcoming track of Nazar serial, viewers will see enthralling twist as Pia gives birth to her son where Mohana feel insecure.

So far we have seen that Ansh-Pia's son is danger for Daayan Mohana as he is 8th avatar of Devik and he will kill Mohana.

Mohana tried everything to kill the baby in Pia's womb but failed to do so where Pia successfully escaped from Mohana's cluthes.

Pia found shelter in a temple and there she gave birth to her son.

Mohana is furious and feel insecure post knowing that Pia already gave birth to her son and she failed to kill him.

Ansh to save Pia and their son

So to kill him, Mohana goes to that temple and as she is a Daayan she is unable to enter in it.

Now Mohana plans a heavy rainfall there which results in flood situation in temple.

In the end, Ansh will make his entry and will save Pia and their son.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Ansh-Pia's son will kill Mohana or Mohana will kill him.

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