Star Plus: In the upcoming story of Nazar serial, viewers will see some new twist with entry of new Sarp which is performed by actor Kushagre Dua, his plan is to snatch Sarpika powers from Ansh.

In last maha episode of Nazar we have seen that Pia gave her Sarpika power to Ansh to save him as well as she captivates Dola and Daayan.

Today we will see new entry Kushagre Dua to enter in the serial who will do a role of Sarp. He is half human and half snake.

Dua's motive is not only to get Sarpika powers from Ansh but also to get Trinetra mani powers from Pia.

Sarp snatched Sarpika powers from Ansh, now plans to get Trinetra mani from Pia

As we know Rathod family is tensed as Ansh is a Daavansh and now he will have to control Sarpika power with his Daavansh energy.

Furthermore, we will see Sarp will captivate Ansh by playing flute (bin) and will get Sarpika powers from Ansh.

Later he plans to get super power of Trinetra Mani from Pia, so he will disguise as Ansh and will live with Pia so that he can execute his plan to get success.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Sarp will snatch Trinetra mani from Pia as well or not?

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