Star Plus: In the upcoming episode of Nazar serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Dukayan makes entry to kill Mohana.

So far we have seen that new entry Priya Malik who entered in the show as Dukayan.

Dukayan is also a daayn but she is having 2 heads with super powers of 2 daayans in 1 body.

Dukayan is elder sister of Vedashree and Daayan Mohana.

Dukayan's deal with Ansh and family

Dukayan's makes her entry just to kill her sister Mohana, thus she starts search of her and ask family members.

Ansh and family get shocked seeing dukayan in their house.

Dukayan makes a deal with family that Piya will have to kill Daayan Mohana or else she will kill Ansh.

Now it would be interesting to see how Davansh and Sarpika will save their family from Dukayan.

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