In the upcoming story of Nazar serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Daayan Mohana plans to kill Ansh-Piya's baby.

So far we have seen that Mohana returned to Rathore family by marrying with Vedashree's husband Shekhar Rathore.

Now Mohana is not only a Daayan but now she has Sarpika powers as well, as she ate Sarp.

Rathore family is in huge shock seeing Mohana back as Vedashree's sautan.

Mohana tries to kill Ansh-Piya's child

Till now Mohana was behind her son Ansh as she want to eat him, but later she will get to know that Ansh-Piya's child will kill her.

We will see Mohana will try each and every possiblities to kill infant in womb itself.

Now it would be interesting to see how Piya and Ansh will save their unborn baby from Mohana.

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