In the coming track of Nazar serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Chudail Dilruba makes re-entry during Ansh-Piya baby's naamkaran.

So far we have seen that Ansh-Piya and Rathod family are struggling to save themselves from Zombies attack.

Now we will see Professor Nishant will captivate Daayan Mohana.

Later Ansh-Piya will comes home with their baby, everybody is happy seeing them back home.

Vedashree and others holds that baby and starts loving with him.

They also decides to finalize a name of this newborn baby where Vedashree announce to call him Munna for sometime, Rathod family agrees on this.

Dilruba's re-entry in Rathod House, Everybody is scared

Rathod family was enjoying this naamkaran where Chudail Dilruba will make her entry in house.

Everybody is shocked and scared seeing her in house, Dilruba takes that new baby and says that she likes this baby very much and will take him with her.

Rathod family denies but Dilruba is rigid with her decision, now Ansh will request Dilruba to stay in his house and play with Munna.

Now it would be interesting to see what happens if Dilruba will live in Rathod House and whether she will harm Munna or not.

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