Star Plus: In the upcoming episode of Nazar serial, viewers will see more entertaining twist as Ansh started to become snake with Sarpika power.

In 1 hour maha episode we have seen that Piya gave her Sarpika power to Ansh and she is still a Devik.

Piya also killed(captured) Daayan Mohana and Dukayan Dola with her Devik power.

Ansh and family is happy seeing Piya back in her Devik avatar but as we know that problem is still not over.

Ansh starts to become Naag with Sarpika Power

Everybody is tensed as Piya gave her powers to Ansh and now he is not just a Davansh but do have Sarpika power as well.

Prof. Nishant, Guruji and Piya is worried on how Ansh will manage this both super powers of Davansh and Sarpika.

Furthermore Ansh will start getting snake skin soon but he will remain unaware of this, but Piya will notice this change.

Now it would be interesting to see how Ansh will handle Davansh-Sarpika powers.

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