Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Muskan, viewers will see some interesting twist with Sir Ji's heart attack drama to stop Ronak-Muskan's marriage.

So far we have seen that Sir Ji is trying to stop Ronak's marriage with Muskan as she is a dancer.

We will see that Sir Ji will try to explain Ronak that Muskan is a dancer and if he will marry a dancer than what he will answer in society.

But Ronak is rigid in his decision to marry Muskan and starts marriage rituals with Muskan.

Sir Ji's heart attack drama

Thenafter we will see that as every plan to stop Ronak-Muskan's marriage fails, Sir Ji will decide and plays a fake heart attack drama.

Ronak-Muskan gets shocked seeing Sir Ji got heart attack and rush him to hospital leaving marriage in between.

There in hospital Sir Ji will explain Ronak that this is just a drama to stop his marriage.

Later on, Ronak will also reveal this secret to Muskan seeing her tensed because of Sir Ji's attack.

It would be interesting to see next episode of Muskan.

Muskan Serial Precap 18th December 2018:

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