In the upcoming story of Muskan serial, viewers will see high voltage drama where Ronak and Muskaan gets injured, Police arrest Ronak for kidnapping Kajal.

So far we have seen that Muskan got kidnapped 3 times and after this we will see Kajal will get kidnapped but this is plotted by Kajal himself.

Muskan get shocked hearing all allegations that Ronak had kidnapped Kajal.

Hence Muskan goes to find and save Kajal where Muskan and Ronak get shoot by Sujoy and Ronak will fight with the goons.

Here Rajni's parents complains against Ronak for kidnapping Kajal.

Ronak worried as Muskan got injured, Police arrest Ronak

Later on Ronak brings Muskan home where she is gets unconscious, police were also behind him and reaches there.

Police arrests Ronak for Kajal's kidnapping, Ronak's mother is tensed seeing Ronak in this situation. 

Now it would be interesting to see whether Kajal's truth will get exposed and who will expose this.

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