In the coming story of Ladies Special serial, viewers will see some interesting track where Prarthana to get married with Viraj and Meghna will be seen pregnant.

So far we have seen that Viraj resigns from the post of CEO of his company and choose Prarthana over it.

Now it will be seen that Viraj`s father real intention behind all this is to test Prarthana and whether she loves Viraj or not.

Later audience will see Prarthana gets agree to get marry with Viraj as he is Prarthana`s true lover.

Meghna is pregnant, Bindu-Prarthana helps her 

On the other hand we will see that Meghna will get to know that she is pregnant but feel sad and lonely as her husband Mandaar is not living with her.

But Meghna`s best friends Prarthana and Bindu will take care of her in this situation.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Mandaar will accept Meghna or not.

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