In the upcoming track of Ladies Special serial viewers will see Dr. Amar's left hand get paralyzed which left Bindu in shock, Viraj to disguise as lady to persuade Prarthana.

So far we have seen that during Holi celebrations, Prarthana got to know that Viraj is not an employee of that company and he is the owner.

This hurts Prarthana very much and she goes away from Viraj where Prarthana's brother is tensed and starts searching her.

Prarthana decides to stay away by breaking all chords with Viraj where Meghna and Bindu will also try to explain her.

Later on Viraj will disguise as a lady and will try to talk to Prarthana to sort out all this.

Dr. Amar Desai lost left hand, Bindu in huge shock

On the other side as we know Dr. Amar faced an accident which makes severe injuries to Amar's brain.

In hospital Amar will notice that his left hand is not working and will take help of Kangana to do MRI test once again.

He has a doubt that his left hand is not working just because of some part of his brain is damaged.

Amar will also give this shocking news to his wife Bindu where Bindu is shattered post hearing this bad news.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Viraj-Prarthana will patch up or not and whether Bindu will help Amar to recover his paralyzed hand or not.

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