Sony TV: In the upcoming story of Ladies Special serial, viewers will see Bindu signs divorce papers to unite Amar and Kangana, Mota Papa's heart attack twist ahead.

So far we have seen that Bindu is feeling guilty and wants to unite Amar and Kangana for Amar's happiness.

Bindu thus decides to put full stop to their relation and give divorce to Amar.

Amar gets shocked hearing Bindu's decision to make him happy, Bindu signs divorce papers and hand over it to Mota Papa.

Mota Papa get heart attack seeing Amar-Bindu's relationship to an end

Bindu will explain this situation to Mota Papa that Amar loves Kangana and also request him to accept Kangana as her new daughter-in-law, Mota Papa gets stunned.

Mota Papa will ask Amar to sign divorce papers, everybody cries. Amar also feels bad seeing divorce papers.

Later we will see Mota Papa will get heart attack seeing Amar signing divorce papers and ending his relation with Bindu.

Now it would be in entertaining to see whether Amar will sign this papers and Mota Papa is doing drama or suffers from real heart attack.

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