Sony TV: In the upcoming episode of Ladies Special serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Bindu will arrange a get together party in her house to sort out issues between Prathna and Meghna.

So far we have seen that Meghna and Prathna are not talking with each other due to some problems happened between them.

Bindu feel very bad and asks her husband and father-in-law for the solution to sort out this problem.

Finally they decide to arrange a get together in their house with entire families of Meghna-Prathna.

Meghna-Prathna accept Bindu's invitation

Thus Bindu invites Meghna and Prathna without telling Meghna-Prarthna that they both are invited.

Both families will come for the party but still they are unaware that they are here to sort out their issues.

Now it would be interesting to see what happens when Meghna and Prathna will see each other in the house.

Stay tuned for more updates of Ladies Special.

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