In the upcoming track of Ladies Special serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Bappi Da comes to Prarthana's house and everybody gets shocked seeing him.

So far we have seen that Prarthana is invited for the auditions to sing with Bappi Da, here Bappi Da cancel this audition as he only need Prarthana.

But Bappi Da's team is unaware the Prarthana is that girl whom Bappi Da is looking for, Prarthana is so sad as audition get cancelled.

Later we will see that Prarthana will get call from Bappi Da that he will come to her home to invite her for singing, here Prarthana is shocked and astonished hearing Bappi Da's voice.

Bappi Da visit Prarthana`s house to invite her for singing

As per promise Bappi Da will come to Prarthana's house, media gathers at Prathana's house.

Everybody is shocked seeing great singer Bappi Da in their society.

Bappi Da will request Prarthana that he wants to sing will her, Prarthana is on cloud 9.

Prarthana will get a bonus when Bappi Da will hear Prarthana's father and will agree to give chance to him as well.

Now it would be interesting to watch whether Prarthana will also become a celebrity like Bappi Da or not.

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