Star Plus: In the upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala serial, viewers will see Kulfi and Amyra will join hands to stop Sikandar and Lovely's divorce.

So far we have seen that Amyra and Kulfi get trapped in a store room where both tried to come out of this situation. Amyra cries seeing Sikandar blaming her mother Lovely for this, where kulfi will hug Amyra.

Later we will see Amyra will scold Kulfi for ruining her family with Sikandar-Lovely's divorce.

Where Kulfi replies that i am your sister and if Sikandar is your father then he is my father too.

Amyra-Kulfi's deal to reunite Sikandar-Lovely

Amyra will understand Kulfi`s words and hugs her sister.

Later they will join hands and create a deal to reunite their mother-father by stopping their divorce.

Now it would be interesting to see coming episodes of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala as how Amyra-Kulfi will do this.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Precap

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