In the upcoming track of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 serial, viewers will see enthralling twist where Prerna oaths to fight for her rights and makes entry in Basu Mansion.

So far we have seen that Anurag takes Prerna to the hospital ignoring Komolika and their reception party.

This makes Komolika jealous where Mohini also come to hospital to bring Anurag-Komolika back to reception.

Here Anurag defines Prerna as his first responsibility and not Komolika, Mohini gets angry after hearing this and faint there.

Doctor checks Mohini's health and request Anurag to do not give any type of tension to his mother.

Mohini request Anurag and Komolika to attend their reception party as Veena and Shivi is present in hospital to take care of Prerna.

Prerna's oath to fight for her rights, Prerna enters in Basu Mansion

On the other side, Prerna wakes up from unconsciousness and found her mother and Shivi near her.

Prerna cries infront of Shivi saying that she failed to stop Anurag-Komolika's marriage.

Where her mother Veena request her to stand up against those who are against her.

Prerna also recalls all sweet-n-sour moments spend with Anurag and takes oath to fight for her rights.

Thus Prerna makes her entry in Basu Mansion and decides to live their as she is Anurag's first wife, everybody is shocked seeing Prerna's changed behaviour. 

Now it would be very interesting to see catfight between Prerna and Komolika to get Anurag.

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