In the upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2, we will see maha episode on 15th December on Saturday at 6:00 PM where Anurag plans to expose Naveen with bride swap plan.

Till now we have seen that Madhuri is shocked as Naveen cancelled a deal to sell Prerna to London client.

In the coming track we will see that Madhuri will think and recall all things Naveen did with her. Now she had decided that she will not make Naveen-Prerna's marriage happen and expose Naveen's real identity to everyone.

Thus Madhuri takes help of Anurag, and he swaps bride in mandap.

Prerna slaps Naveen post knowing his truth

During wedding rituals, Naveen will fill bride's hairline with sindoor without seeing that she is Madhuri and not Prerna. Naveen and everyone gets shocked seeing her and asks the real reason to Madhuri.

Later on we will see Prerna will slap Naveen after knowing the truth that Naveen was about to sell her in London.

Now it will be really interesting to see how story will take new turn from here.

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