In the upcoming track of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Anurag to fill Prerna's hairline in front of Mahila Sangathan in Police Station.

So far we have seen that Police detained Anurag and Komolika in hotel raid where Komolika gets furious over this action.

Later on we will see Prerna will come to Police station with Sampurn Stree Shakti Mahila Sangathan (NGO for Women Empowerment).

NGO`s women will blame Komolika for snatching Anurag from Prerna where Prerna is the first wife of Anurag.

They will also request Anurag to stay away from Komolika and accept Prerna as his first wife.

Anurag fill Prerna's hairline with Sindoor

Thenafter ladies will also order Anurag to fill Prerna's hairline with Sindoor(vermillion) and take vows to accept Prerna.

Where Komolika will first deny Anurag to do this where Anurag will explain that they don't have anyother way.

Later Anurag will fill Prerna hairline and take vows, NGO women will also requests Police to release Anurag as now he accepted Prerna.

NGO women also warns Anurag to stay on his promises or else they will create problems for him.

BONUS: Police will release Anurag but they will arrest Komolika for creating problems in this case.

Now it would be interesting to see that who will help Komolika to come out of jail.

Stay tuned for more updates of KZK2.

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