In the upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 serial, viewers will see interesting twist where Police arrest Anurag and Komolika in hotel raid, Prerna feels happy.

So far we have seen that Anurag Komolika left for honeymoon where Prerna had planned to spoil their honeymoon.

Their car breaksdown in between where driver does video call to Prerna to show her ehat is the current situation.

Prerna feels happy seeing Komolika in problem and pushing their car, later Komolika will also shout at driver for doing this.

Komolika also orders driver to start the car saying that car is fine where driver will start the car and will go away from there.

Police arrest Anurag-Komolika, Komolika blames Prerna for this

This couple will then take shelter in near by guest house where Komolika will also do a video call to Prerna showing her that she is in room with Anurag.

Prerna will feel jealous seeing Komolika with Anurag in hotel room for their honeymoon.

But later Police will make their entry and will raid on that hotel.

Police will arrest Komolika and Anurag from there and is not ready to hear Anu-Komolika's words that they are innocent.

Now it would be interesting to see how Anurag-Komolika will come out from jail.

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