In the future story of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, viewers will see an enthralling twist as Moloy Basu to get recover from comma where Komolika is nervous hearing Moloy`s return.

So far we have seen that new character Vikrant helps Prerna and make her bail but Prerna is not aware of Vikrant`s motive behind this help.

Later on we will see Anurag`s sister Tapur`s wedding preparation where her prospective husband Sahil and family will visit Basu Bari to meet Tapur and family for marriage decision.

Here Prerna will play her master-stroke by introducing her as Prerna Anurag Basu, this makes Komolika jealous and will get angry over Nivedita.

Moloy`s return to Basu family after recovery

As per the news, in the coming track Moloy Basu will regain consciousness from comma and will make his re-entry in Basu house to expose Komolika`s real face.

As we know that Moloy and Rajesh Sharma faced an accident in which Rajesh dies and all this was planned by Komolika.

This recovery news will increase Komolika`s heartbeat for sure and it seems like this will make Komolika`s exit from the show.

Now it would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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