In the upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, viewers will see some interesting twist where Prerna's father Rajesh Sharma to die in hospital.

So far we have seen that to hide her truth, Komolika executes her plan to kill Moloy Basu and Rajesh Sharma as they both were going to expose her.

We know that both are admitted as they are badly injured in accident.

After many days they don't see any recovery as Komolika has once again executed her plan to kill them on bed.

Everybody is praying for Moloy and Rajesh Sharma's recovery but nothing is working.

We will also see Anurag will call and meet Komolika, where Anurag requests her to help him to save Rajesh.

Komolika put a deal to marry her where Anurag refuse it and leave from there, but later he will call her to accept that deal.

Prerna's father to die in hospital, Sharma family in huge shock

Doctor will inform Basu family that Moloy Basu is in comma where on the other side we will see Rajesh's condition gets critical where doctor will declare him dead.

Prerna and family will get huge shock after hearing this, everybody starts crying where Anurag will console Sharma family.

Now it would be interesting to see how Anurag and Prerna will expose Komolika's truth and whether this death happened by Komolika's order or not.

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