(Rumour) In the upcoming story of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, viewers will see a new twist where Moloy Basu to die in an accident and Anurag against Prerna Sharma and Family.

As we know that Komolika is crazy to get Anurag and break his relation with Prerna and family.

Moloy Basu got proof against Komolika as she mixed some drugs in Mohini's drink.

Moloy and Rajesh confront Komolika and scolds her that why she did this where Komolika replied that she need Anurag.

Komolika's plan to kill Moloy Basu

Moloy Basu just want Komolika to confess this infront of his wife Mohini, but she denies.

Thenafter, Komolika makes a plan to kill Moloy and Rajesh in an accident but luckily Prerna's father Rajesh will be saved but Anurag's father will die.

Here Komolika will execute her another plan and will put allegations on Prerna Sharma and family.

She will also instigate Anurag and family that all this happened just because of Sharma family.

Anurag will hate Prerna and family and vows to take revenge from her by marrying with Komolika. 

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