In the upcoming track of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 seriall, viewers will see enthralling twist where Anurag to marry Komolika after Moloy Basu death accident (Upcoming Story).

So far we have seen that Komolika is trying to make her space in Basu family by breaking Anurag-Prerna's relationship, she also mixed drug in Mohini drink and put all blame on Prerna.

We will see Moloy will get to know the real truth and will give tight slap to Komolika where Komolika will be speechless.

Later she will plan to kill Moloy Basu in an accident and put all this allegation on Prerna.

Anurag-Komolika to marry post Moloy's death

Anurag and family get shocked & shattered after hearing Moloy Basu's death and all this done by Prerna. Anurag will start hating Prerna.

Mohini will announce Anurag's alliance with Komolika where Anurag will also agree to this and will break all chords with Prerna. Where Prerna will get hard shock after hearing this from Anurag.

Now it would be very interesting to watch how Prerna will prove herself innocent from this allegations.

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