Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Jiji Maa serial, viewers will get a see that Suyash will defuse bomb and save Govind from terror attack.

So far we have seen that everybody is enjoying Christmas Celebration in Rawat Mansion where some terrorist came in Jokers avatar to kill minister.

Minister's bodyguards are aware that someone is planning to kill our minister and they start search of the culprit.

Later we will see Falguni to disguise as Santa to spread happiness and fun with kids in party, there she will notice something unusual.

Suyash to save Govind by defusing bomb

Terrorist have placed bomb in monkey toy which is tied with Govind, Falguni-Suyash will find this but it will become too late.

Thenafter bodyguards will request all family members to leave Govind and go away from here where they all will deny.

Suyash will try his luck as it is do or die situation and luckily he will defuse the bomb.

Now it would be interesting to see what terrorist will do.

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