Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Jiji Maa, viewers will see some interesting twist where junior manager Bhavana put rape allegations on Suyash Rawat.

So far we have seen that after 7 Years of leap, Falguni turned a business tycoon with a company Jiji Maa Textiles same as Suyash Rawat. They are rivals of each other.

Later on we will see Bhavna who is junior manager of Rawat's industries will ask help from Suyash where he will deny her very badly, this makes her to take revenge from Suyash.

She will make a plan to put false allegations of rape on Suyash so that she can defame him and Rawat Industries in the market.

Bhavna mix something in tea which makes Suyash unconscious, she takes advantage of this and click some pictures.

Police to arrest Suyash, Falguni save Suyash

Later Bhavna will leak this news in media as well as will make a case against Suyash, Media gathers and Police will come to Rawat mansion to arrest Suyash.

Falguni get shocked hearing this news and gives statement in media that Suyash can't do this, he is good person.

This makes Falguni to search the real truth where she meet Bhavna and asks real truth.

Bhavna is rigid on this decision where Falguni will advice her if she speak lies that Suyash can file defamation case against her.

This thing makes her to reveal truth and she comes to Rawat mansion and speak out real truth that Suyash is he is not a culprit and this is fake allegations.

Now it would be interesting to see with Falguni's help, Suyash and Falguni comes closer or not.

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