Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Jiji Maa serial, viewers will see some interesting twist with new character Abhishek Sanghvi's entry in the show.

So far we have reported that Bhavana will put fake allegations of rape on Suyash Rawat where Jiji Maa will come front and saves Suyash.

Suyash fall in false allegations of rape, Falguni saves him

Bhavana done all this as it was said by new entry Abhishek Sanghvi to defame Suyash's reputation.

Abhishek Sanghvi is a young business tycoon who is competitor of Suyash's Rawat Industries.

This negative role is played by an energetic actor Randheer Rai who was last seen in Karn Sangini serial.

Suyash to warn Abhishek in his own way

Later when Suyash get to know that Bhavana did all this because of Abhishek, thus he decides to meet him.

Suyash will go to Abhishek's office to meet him personally and warns him by hitting mannequin (statue) head.

Now it would be interesting to see what will be Abhishek's next move to defame Suyash.

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