Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Jiji Maa serial, viewers will see Govind celebrating his first Christmas in Rawat Mansion, shocking twist ahead.

So far we have seen that Uttara devi had tried many tricks to kill Govind but fails very badly.

Today we will see Uttara will try to poison Govind but by mistake Vidhan will get in touch with that poison and will go faint.

Suyash-Falguni will rush him to hospital where Uttara will cry very badly as she was trying to kill Govind but unfortunately Vidhan is in danger.

Govind to celebrate first christmas, terrorist plan to kill Minister

Vidhan will get cured from the disease and later family will be celebrating Chirstmas festival in Rawat Mansion as it is first chirstmas of their Govind.

Uttara devi will invite kids as well as Government minister in Rawat Mansion to celebrate Christmas.

Falguni, Suyash and all will play various games to entertain kids and Govind.

On the other hand, terrorist plans to kill this minister in Rawat house.

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in coming episodes of Jiji Maa.

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