Star Bharat: In the upcoming episode of Jiji Maa serial, viewers will see Falguni-Suyash returns in Rawat Mansion, big secret to reveal ahead.

So far we have seen that Falguni enters in Rawat mansion in Naamkaran ceremony and names her child as govind.

Today we will see one of the client of Rawat Company from Singapore will come to Rawant Mansion and requests Uttara to bring Falguni as he will only deal with her.

Thus Uttara will have no option and will send Vidhan to bring back Falguni-Suyash in Rawat mansion.

Falguni becomes happy as now she can live and spend time with her kid Govind.

Suyash-Falguni reveal Govind's truth to Vidhan

Later on after some days we will see that Suyash will notice that Vidhan is misbehaving with Falguni and keeping her away from his child govind.

Thenafer Suyash and Vidhan will have big shouts where Suyash will expose that Govind is his and Falguni's child and not a child of Vidhan.

Everybody will rush to Falguni's room where Uttara-Vidhan will ask for prrof and Suyash will call a doctor to whom Falguni was consulting.

It would be interesting to see coming episodes of Jiji Maa.

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