Star Plus: In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Shivansh to enter in Police Station to start his journey to become action hero.

So far we have seen that ACP Aditi has given 24 hours challenge to SSO that she will arrest him and expose his real identity as well as fake kidnapping of SSO.

While Commissioner has ordered Aditi that Shivansh will live with her for 24 hours to learn how police work as he is doing an action film.

Thenafter we will see Shivansh decide and start this journey from police station.

Shivansh's tashan in Police Station, ACP Aditi irked

Shivaansh will meet police commissioner in police station where commissioner will request to back out as the job of police is very very tough.

SSO replies that he want to be an action hero to fullfil his dadi and nani's wish to see him as am action hero.

Commissioner gets emotional hearing SSO real motive behind this deal.

Later we will see ACP Aditi will enter in police station with her own attitude and style, Aditi gets shocked seeing SSO in police station.

It would be interesting to see what will happen when the actual journey will start between SSO and ACP Aditi.

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