Star Plus: In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz serial, viewers will see ACP Aditi is angry as Shivaansh will stay with her as ordered by Commissioner.

So far we have seen that Shivaansh (SSO) is totally shocked seeing ACP Aditi's Lady Singham avatar when she saved an old couple from goons.

ACP Aditi wants to punish and expose SSO as he had done his fake kidnapping.

Thus Shivaansh executes its master plan to stay with Aditi.

ACP Aditi receives shocking order from Commissioner Nandini Dixit

Aditi warns Shivaansh that she is behind him and is finding truth so that she can expose SSO.

Where Commissioner Nandini Dixit will order ACP Aditi that Shivaansh is doing a role of Police Inspector in his upcoming film.

So he needs to learn each and every tactic-style of a COP so that he can deliver his best in his movie.

Thus Commissioner orders Aditi that Shivaansh (SSO) will be with her 24 hours from now.

Aditi gets angry hearing this as she can't deny this order.

Lets hope we can see start of love story between Aditi and SSO with this decision.

It would be interesting to watch coming episodes of Ishqbaaz. 

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