In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial viewers will see high voltage drama where Vidhya Tai plans to kidnap Savitri Mai and Dhanak decides to spoil this and take getup of Mai.

So far we have seen that Dhanak, Raghu and family celebrating holi festival where Vidhya Tai makes entry with some hidden intentions.

Vidhya Tai's planning is to kidnap Savitri Mai as this is ordered by Bablu Bhai.

On the other hand as we know Dhanak is on mission to capture Don Bablu Bhai as she had promised this to police commissioner.

Here Dhanak will find Vidhya Tai's real intention that she is here to kidnap her mother-in-law Savitri Mai.

Dhanak takes Mai's getup, Vidhya Tai get shocked

Hence Dhanak decides to start the mission and to find location of Bablu Bhai she plans to get kidnapped in place of Mai and put transmitter in Bablu Bhai's house.

So Dhanak take getup of Mai where Vidhya Tai's goons will mistakenly kidnap Dhanak in place of Mai.

Raghu starts searching Dhanak and will get to know that she is kidnapped by the goons.

Vidhya Tai and Bablu Bhai get shocked seeing Dhanak in place of Mai.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raghu will save Dhanak or not and whether Mai will get changed or not.

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