In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Sejal attempts suicide and everybody blames Raghu for this.

So far we have seen that everybody is happy and enjoying Sejal-Vikram's marriage ceremony.

Raghu will help Dhanak in decorating house where Mai is planning to break this marriage.

Later we will see Raghu will doubt on Vikram(Sejal's husband) character and will try to find more.

He will get to know that Vikram is marrying Sejal with bad intentions to grab her properties and will beat him very badly, everybody get shocked seeing Vikram's situation. 

Sejal tries to commit suicide, Dhanak blames Raghu

With this allegations, Vikram and his family will break this alliance with Sejal. This makes Sejal shattered, Dhanak blames Raghu and raise her hand on him where Mai will stop her.

Dhanak will console Sejal where Heart broken Sejal goes upstairs and tries to commit suicide as her marriage broke for second time.

Raghu and others will rush to upstairs where they get shocked seeing Sejal hanging on fan, they will save her.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raghu's allegations on Vikram were true or not and will Dhanak will accept and forgive Raghu or not.

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