In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan, viewers will see some interesting twist where Raghu propose Dhanak in dream as well as Raghu-Dhanak's marriage promo (Upcoming Story).

So far we have seen that IPS Dhanak and don Raghu are friends while Raghu started loving Dhanak, but it is 1 sided love.

Later we will see Raghu will decide to propose Dhanak on Propose Day, he will propose Dhanak but in his dream.

On the other side, Raghu's mother Mai wants her son to get married with Maya on Valentine Day.

Raghu is not happy with this decision so when Dhanak asks for this, he will clearly say that he is not interested in Maya.

Dhanak marry Raghu on gun point, new promo

As per new promo it is showcase that Raghu and his goons captivates Dhanak's family and orders her to marry with him.

Where Dhanak marry with Raghu on gun point, everybody is shocked and helpless seeing this situation.

Now it would be interesting to watch what will happen when Mai will get to know that Raghu married with Dhanak.

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Gathbandhan New Promo

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