In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Raghu organize his wedding reception party, he goes to invite his wife Dhanak, Mahindra and Family. Dhanak's father slaps Raghu.

So far we have reported that Police arrests Dhanak and Raghu from red light area where Mai and Mahindra will come to free them from jail.

Soon they both will come out of jail, thereafter we will see Raghu recalls that he missed their wedding reception.

Thus he decides to organize reception party and prints invitation cards.

Raghu and his friends starts distributing invitation cards in chawl.

Raghu get tight slap from Dhanak's Father

Firstly Raghu gives this card to his wife and invite her for their wedding reception party where Dhanak tear off that invitation card on Raghu`s face.

Raghu likes this style and action of his wife Dhanak and then decides to invite his father-in-law Mahindra.

Thenafter he comes to invite Mahindra and family where Mahindra will give tight slap to Raghu.

Now it would be interesting to watch how Raghu will manage to get Dhanak and family in their reception party.

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