In the coming episode of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist and turns in the storyline where Raghu attempts suicide, Dhanak-Mai is shocked seeing this.

So far we have reported that Raghu organize his wedding reception party and invite everybody.

Raghu Organize Wedding Reception Party

Now in reception we will see Raghu will try to attempt suicide by drinking poison.

The only Reason behind Raghu's suicide attempt is that Mai will scold him and orders him to choose between her and Dhanak.

Mai, Dhanak and everybody is shocked and shattered seeing Raghu attempted suicide.

Dhanak saves Raghu, He thinks Dhanak started loving him

Raghu is confused as he cannot choose between his mother and Dhanak as he loves both of them equally.

Thus he decides to attempt a suicide, Raghu falls down on the floor but with the help of Dhanak he will be saved.

This help creates new misconception in Raghu's mind that Dhanak had started loving him as she saved him from this suicide attempt.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Dhanak will fall in love with Raghu and will Mai accept Dhanaka by siding Maya or not.

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