In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan viewers will see interesting episode where Police arrest Dhanak and Raghu from Red Light Area.

So far we have seen that Raghu forcefully get married to Dhanak on gun point by kidnapping Dhanak's family.

Dhanak don't accept this marriage and blames Raghu for all this, she leaves Raghu and go away from there.

On the other hand Raghu is also rigid on his decision and thus follow Dhanak.

Dhanak unknowingly reaches to red light area and at the same time police raids there.

Police arrest Dhanak and Raghu, Mai`s entry in Police Station

Police arrests Dhanak, Raghu including other girls from that place where Dhanak tries to explain them that she is innocent and she is not this type of girl.

But Police denies to understand any excuse and arrest them. Both were put behind the bars.

Raghu calls Mai and explain all the things where Mai will makes her entry with lawyer to make bail of her son.

On the other hand, Dhanak`s father Mahindar will also come to save Dhanak but Mai will refuse to know her.

Mai will also blame Dhanak that she is doing this type of work in red light area and that`s why she was arrested by police, Mahindar gets angry over Mai.

Now it would be interesting to see how Raghu and Dhanak will come out from the jail.

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