In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist with Marriage proposal for Sejal and not for Dhanak and Raghu`s misunderstanding.

So far we have seen that Raghu tries to attempt suicide by drinking poison as Mai orders him to choose between her and Dhanak.

Luckily Dhanak saves Raghu with her knowledge and makes Raghu to cough by which poison comes out.

Later we will see that Mahindra is happy as he got a marriage proposal for his daughter Sejal and will talk with Dhanak in this matter.

Raghu's friends hear this and thought that this marriage proposal is for Dhanak and tells everything to Raghu.

Raghu misunderstand and confronts Dhanak

Raghu feels heartbroken after hearing this marriage proposal though he is not aware with the real truth.

Thus Raghu decides to confront Dhanak and request her to cancel this marriage proposal as she is already married.

Bonus: Later we will also see Dhanak agrees as she is Raghu's wife in Sejal's Mehndi ceremony.  

Now it would be interesting to see what happens when Raghu will know real truth of this marriage proposal.

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