In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Mai tortures Dhanak, Raghu does stunt to earn money to buy gift for Dhanak.

So far we have seen that Dhanak decided and came to live with his husband Raghu and to teach lesson to Mai.

Mai is very much angry seeing Dhanak in her house and same goes with Maya as she loves Raghu.

Now Mai plans to torture Dhanak by ordering her to cook a non-vegetarian food where Dhanak is vegetarian.

Thus Mai takes Dhanak to fish market to buy fresh fish where Dhanak feels uneasy in market.

Dhanak starts vomiting seeing fish for the very first time, later on in home Mai orders Dhanak to cook fish and also forces her to drink Alcohol.

Raghu does stunt to earn money and buy gift for Dhanak

On the other hand, as we know Maya torn Dhanak's cloth where Raghu shouts at Maya for this.

Here Raghu decides to gift a saree to Dhanak by earning money and not with his black money.

Later Raghu visits a shooting place where he got work to perform stunt with dogs and get money in return.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raghu will get succeed to earn money and bring saree for Dhanak or not and whether Dhanak will answer Mai on her tortures or not.

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