In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial viewers will see an interesting twist where Mahendra blames Raghu for Dhanak's critical state, Haji Ali Special.

So far we have seen that Dhanak gets kidnapped by Bablu Bhai's goons to save Savitri Mai.

Later on we will see Bablu Bhai and Vidhy Tai will notice that they kidnapped Dhanak and not Savitri Mai.

Raghu will start searching Dhanak and will come at Bablu Bhai's house to get Dhanak back.

Here Bablu Bhai and Raghu will have face-off and in which Dhanak will get shot by Bablu Bhai.

Mahendra blames Raghu for Dhanak's critical situation

Raghu gets shattered seeing Dhanak in this situation and he rushes her to hospital.

Dhanak's father Mahendra will blame Raghu for Dhanak's critical state and will point gun on Raghu.

Savitri Mai will handle this situation and save Raghu from Mahendra's anger.

On the other side, Dhanak's health gets very critical and Raghu will blame himself and visit Haji Ali Dargah to pray for his wife's health.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raghu's prayers will work for Dhanak or not.

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