In the upcoming track of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see an interesting twist to get unfold where IPS trainee Dhanak is on a mission to capture Don Bablu Yadav.

So far we have reported that Dhanak will drink bhang which will result that she will lose her control but Raghu will help her.

Dhanak will also thanks Raghu for this and will hug her, Raghu is on cloud 9 seeing changed behaviour of Dhanak.

Later on Dhanak will reveal a secret that she is on mission to capture don Bablu Yadav and will request Raghu to help her in this mission.

Raghu denies Dhanak to do this as Don Bablu is very dangerous person and he can try to harm her.

Police Commissioner's allegations on Dhanak having relation with Bablu Yadav

Dhanak explains Raghu that Police Commissioner called her and shown her Muhdikhayi photos with Bablu Bhai.

Commissioner also put allegations on Dhanak that she is having relation with don Bablu and as an IPS officer this is not okay.

It seems like Dhanak had given promise to Police Commissioner that she will capture Bablu Yadav.

Now it would be interesting to see whether Raghu will get agree to help Dhanak or not.

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