In the upcoming episode of Gathbandhan serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Dhanak starts dancing and lose control after drinking Bhaang, Raghu controls Dhanak.

Till now we saw that everybody is very excited to enjoy Holi festival where don Bablu's wife makes entry in chawl and asks Dhanak to show her shooting skills and puts an apple on Mai head and gives gun to Dhanak.

Dhanak will pass this test as she is IPS trainee but Mai will get shocked seeing this skill of her daughter-in-law.

Later on Mai mix Bhaang in Thandaai which Dhanak will drink and will lose her control.

Raghu feeds Chillies to Dhanak, Dhanak hugs Raghu

Dhanak gets intoxicated after drinking that and starts dancing on Mika Singh's song.

Raghu gets stunned seeing another avatar of Dhanak but he will notice that Dhanak is in intoxication and plans to cure this.

Hence Raghu feeds Chillies to Dhanak which gradually decrease intoxication and later Dhanak hugs Raghu saying thank you.

Bonus: Dhanak will also unfold a secret that she is on mission to arrest Bablu Bhai and asks Raghu to help her (Read Full Story Here)

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Raghu will help Dhanak in this mission or not.

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